Discover the Essence of Epar Bangla : Our Story, Our Passion

Epar Bangla Restaurant stands as an integral element within the Vigorous Group, a diversified conglomerate with interests spanning Pharmaceuticals, Real Estate, Hotels and Resorts. Founded in 1991 by Mr. Anil Baran Debnath, the Vigorous Group has evolved into a reputable organization known for delivering excellence across various sectors.

With our corporate offices situated in Kolkata & Habra, we have expanded our horizons significantly over the years. Starting as a pharmaceutical marketing and distribution entity, we have since diversified into real estate development, establishing ourselves as a prominent business conglomerate.

At Vigorous Group, we are committed to continuous diversification and growth. Presently, we are engaged in multiple residential and commercial real estate projects, with an exciting venture underway—the EPAR BANGLA Beach Resort in Mandarmoni. This project, currently in progress, will offer star-category amenities such as well-appointed rooms, a spa, restaurant, bar, banquet hall, indoor games facilities, and a swimming pool.

Above all, Vigorous Group upholds a steadfast dedication to being a responsible, forward-thinking, and socially conscious corporate entity. We remain steadfast in our efforts to contribute to the economic, social, and human development of our nation.

Meet the Visionary Behind Epar bangla : Satadal Debnath

Satadal Debnath, the visionary behind Epar Bangla, blends his expertise in Civil Engineering and Interior Design with his love for food, crafting a culinary paradise in Habra. Faced with the lack of upscale dining options, Satadal took it upon himself to introduce the rich flavors of Kolkata to his hometown. Epar Bangla now stands tall as a testament to his passion, offering a wide range of Indian, Chinese, Tandoor, Biriyani, and Bengali delicacies. Come, be a part of Satadal’s commitment to excellence, tradition, and community in every dish we serve.

Join us at Epar Bangla and experience the vision of Satadal Debnath come to life